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Why choose RuedasCustom

Why choose Custom Wheels

Unlike traditional factory assemblies, building custom wheels for MTB and road allows you to select each and every one of the components that make up the wheel according to user preferences (weight, use, terrain on which it moves ...). This means that each assembly is perfectly adjusted to the customer�s needs, always looking for the most suitable assembly for the rider�s needs, always maintaining a high resistance and stiffness, improving the weight with respect to standard wheels, and at a really competitive price.


All the components of our program are commercial, with availability of spare parts, and easy to repair. For example, all our hubs use standard bearings, available from any industrial supplier, so in case of failure, the waiting time and cost are very low, since the customer can choose between replacing the bearing on his own or having it supplied by us. It is also possible to send us the wheels for a complete overhaul.

If the customer needs a spare part for the hub (bearing, hub, adapter...) the customer can choose to order it through RuedasCustom, or order it on his own. We work with brands available in a multitude of stores and websites, which makes it easier for the end customer to make the most convenient decision in case of urgency.


The materials we use are carefully chosen to bring custom wheels to as many riders as possible, without price being an obstacle. We have a wide range of prices and components so that you can configure the wheels that best suit you and your requirements. All the rims, spokes and hubs cover a wide variety of uses so that you always have the ideal material to configure your wheels. Rims of different strengths, spokes of various thicknesses and geometries, and hubs for all users make it possible for you to find the product you need from our wide range of products.


Generally, a custom-built wheel is cheaper, lighter and just as reliable as a factory wheel. In addition, repair and maintenance is easier and less costly. It also gives the rider�s bicycle a touch of exclusivity and performance, since it is a wheel specially built for the end user, following his specifications of use, which makes it a product suited to his riding and style, maximizing the behavior and dynamics of the bicycle.

We offer a multitude of nipple colors, rim stickers and hub shades so you can customize your wheels not only for strength, lightness or durability, but also for aesthetics. The wheel not only has to work well, but we�ll also make sure it fits your bike perfectly.